Osnat Livnat

Design Thinking Expert & Innovation Facilitator

And also (or more importantly):

  • World traveler
  • vegetarian
  • curious
  • volleyball player

Design Thinking Expert & Innovation Facilitator

Osnat Livnat is a Design Thinking expert and facilitator at SIT. Osnat has vast experience in leading projects and workshops focusing on the Design Thinking method and Human Centered Design in multinational organizations. The Design Thinking method is all about understanding your customer’s relation to your product or service and clearly identifying the motivations and barriers they have. Osnat specializes in raising the voice of the customer, or the customer’s point of view with ethnographic research tools from in-depth interviews, observations, insights, persona creation, ideation and building new, innovative concepts for those “wicked problems” that companies encounter using various prototyping techniques.

Osnat facilitates worldwide, helping companies and organizations understand their customers and see the world through their eyes using empathy techniques.

When she’s not facilitating, she usually checks out the new and hip places in Tel Aviv and would be more than happy to offer recommendations…

Osnat is a designer at heart. She holds a B.des in Interior Design and M.des in Design Management.

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