Young Innovation – A Success Story

There’s an Indian phrase: ‘Sab Kuch Milega’, which stands for “everything’s possible”. I heard it often when I was younger and it made me wonder if I’ll remember to teach my children, too, that when they want something, the sky is the limit. This is one of my favorite aspects of innovation. Everything is possible!

So, apparently, there are many other dreamers out there and I had the pleasure of facilitating a session for a group of dreamers who succeeded in reaping the rewards of their dream. It’s the 4th year in a row that I’m helping prepare participants in the Young Entrepreneurs program in Israel for the international competition. This year, the team chosen to represent Israel in the competition was “Mifras” team from Rosh Ha’ayin with their Mamabaker (bazekalo) device. A simple, yet powerful trick in baking, which prevents the dough from sticking to the rolling pin and flattens it equally across.

Using the SIT MarCom tools, we worked on enhancing Mamabaker’s brand fusion, sharpening their message into a clear single minded one, and boosting their presentation skills. We also used another aspect of SIT to generate ideas for capturing the crowd’s attention during the competition, so their name will be remembered.

This creative and motivated group of teenagers has much to teach entrepreneurs of all shapes and forms about teamwork and inspiration. In the international competition, they won the 2nd place for their product and 1st for their presentation! All throughout their work, they’ve cracked all kind of challenges with great motivation’ never gave up and found the time and resources to incorporate the community and disabled populations in their work.

SIT looks forward to continuing our tradition of volunteering to help the young dreamers experience the power of inventive thinking in the biz world, as well as in everyday life.


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