The Beat of Subtraction

An Innovation Template In The World of Rock n’ Roll

“Your job is SO cool”, I exclaimed, as Ruth Blatt was telling me about her blog in Forbes magazine, which focuses on the intersection between rock n’ roll and business.

It was a beautiful September day in Cafe Floriole, Chicago, and Ruth and I had met up to explore how Systematic Inventive Thinking could highlight the commonalities between the world of new product development, market shares and board room meetings and the world of electric guitars, rock bands and stadiums filled with enthusiastic music lovers.

Very early on into the conversation we both understood that we were onto something really exciting. I was explaining the notion of “Subtraction”, one of SIT’s five thinking templates, and Ruth immediately started to find great examples from the music world.  

A few weeks later I received a lovely email from Ruth notifying me that she had posted a new article based on our conversation:

Here is a link to her great article –

I now have a real urge to prove that SIT applies to other “non-business” fields – so if you are a blogger that writes about poetry, cooking, gardening or politics – don’t be a stranger.

All we need is a nice sunny day, a nice cup of coffee and some time on our hands and I assure you we will find SIT in your world too J !


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