The 3 Pillar Model

Our program is based on SIT’s organizational innovation model- The 3 pillar model.

This model consists of 3 Innovation Pillars, which – when combined – provide the framework for impactful innovation.

3 pillar model

3 Pillar Model: Results

Innovation activities that generate tangible innovative projects, creating short mid and long term return-on-innovation.

3 Pilllar Model: Skills

Providing employees with the skills required to think innovatively and manage innovation in the organization.

3 Pillar Model: Structures

Putting in place a plan that supports a culture of innovation, including management involvement and commitment, as well as cross organizational understanding and cooperation.

Each of the program’s activities will contain elements from all three pillars, although one of the pillars will typically be dominant at a given time.

For example, initially we are more likely to focus on creating immediate and mid-term results to achieve a quick ROI (Return on Innovation), but this will also create the engagement to drive the innovation buzz and momentum. In effect, it will supply participants in the project with practical tools for innovative thinking.

I was impressed by the quality of the ideas that came out of the process.  Working within constraints as opposed to the “all limits off” philosophy we had been exposed to previously served as a reality check and introduced us to a robust way of approaching innovation.

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