Innovation Training

What you can expect from our innovation training

innovation training

Whether you would like to boost your own personal innovation skills or if it is your teams’ innovation capabilities that you need to build, we have a suitable innovation training program for you. Our trainings help convert innovation from a declared value to a day-to-day practice. All innovation training programs are interactive and combine theory with practice in a mix of generic cases as well as “live” organizational topics and work issues. Through face-to-face workshops, distance learning modalities or a blended approach, we teach people how to innovate in what they do.

Learning Innovation

To jointly design the innovation training program that best meets your team’s or organization’s needs, contact us and we can discuss:

  1. The types of innovation skills needed in your organization’s different roles?
  2. How many people you wish to train?
  3. Who needs to be trained by an external provider, and how can we train the others ourselves?
  4. What exactly we want to achieve with our innovation training program?
  5. How we will measure our results?
  6. Who, and how, will support the trainees as they convert their newly acquired skills into everyday practices?

In addition to our on-site innovation trainings, you can also learn innovation at a distance and on-the-go, click here to learn about SIT Online Academy.

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