Open Innovation Programs

What You Can Expect from SIT Open-i

Open-i offers unique open innovation programs, connecting companies and organizations from around the globe to the Israeli innovation ecosystem.

SIT Open-i helps Innovation delegations to concretize the learnings from their visit and achieve specific objectives. Through meticulous preparation and planning, facilitation of meetings and ecosystem activities, innovation training, and structured reflection — we guarantee that you will return with well-defined action plans and a high probability of implementation. Our working method of capturing the value of an innovation journey focuses on the process and modules that can turn any visit into a result-oriented experience.

Innovation Journey in Israel integrates activities in the three following tracks, allowing participants to generate value from each interaction and activity during their visit:

Innovation training and learnings: Specifically defined and designed for the business goals and innovation strategy of the delegation.

Exposure to the Israeli innovation ecosystem: Focusing on WHO to meet and WHAT’s in(novative in) it for them.

Business and collaboration opportunities: Following specific scouting, prioritization and selection guidelines.

Highly focused learning journey, with a well-planned, rich, and efficient schedule that covers a wide enough range of topics with very in-depth contents as well. All contents focus on the theme of “innovation”. With 15 days of learning, institutes, cutting-edge start-ups, incubators, and government agencies, Open-i provides a multi-dimensional observation of religion, culture, innovation policies, and mechanisms within Israel, which enables an in-depth understanding of the source of innovation for this nation.

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