Dikla Beninson

Managing Director SIT Israel

And also (or more importantly):

  • Social Psychologist
  • Yuval, Gaia & Gur's Mom
  • Ballet Dancer for 7 Years

Managing Director SIT Israel

Dikla is Managing Director of Israel Operations at SIT and is a member of SIT’s global management team. She oversees client operations and drives forward projects with clients in Israel, SIT’s home market.  In addition to the large breadth of her operations work, Dikla is a seasoned innovation facilitator, pursuing her passion for leading SIT projects with clients globally. Having called SIT home since 2006, she leverages her years of working internationally and her years working in the Israeli marketplace to provide her clients a profoundly holistic approach, which focuses on viable, scalable, and sustainable innovation. Her work spans industries and diverse companies of all sizes, including SAP, General Mills, Bank Hapoalim, Strauss Water, The Israeli Parkinson Association, Tivall, and TAMA.

Dikla obtained a B.A. in Behavioral Science from Ben Gurion University of the Negev an M.A. in Social Psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Dikla completed her Master’s thesis on “The Connection Between Values/Attitudes and Drug/Alcohol-Related Behavior,” which was published in the Israeli Anti-Drug Authority. Dikla utilizes the knowledge gathered from her research and understands that many times attitudes/behaviors toward innovation are the underlying forces that can either propel or cause resistance during an innovation project or workshop.

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