Executive Course

Strategy Powered by Innovation

  • Gain valuable and pragmatic skills for innovating your strategy
  • Learn to unlock your organization’s potential for innovation and growth
  • Challenge what you and your Senior Leadership have been led to believe
    is and is not innovative
  • Make your organization’s organic innovation efforts disruptive

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Why should leaders attend?

Leaders must be even more agile, flexible and inventive in times of uncertainty and when their maneuverability seems to become restricted due to a slew of organizational and environmental limitations. Strategy Powered by Innovation  is our newest Executive and Corporate Education course, helping senior leaders discover assets and resources that they can leverage, but are oft overlooked, when charting the path forward. This course, delivered in a 100% remote format, provides a structured method and toolset to comprehensively map your resources and assets, and inventively put them to their full use.

With all the focus around customer-centricity and technology-driven mindsets, organizations have lost their ability to be introspective, understanding how they can use their internal resources more flexibly. Truth is, using your current resources as a strategic starting point will help you not only deliver superior customer value, but also solve some of your toughest problems.

Join our world-class faculty from SIT and Columbia University Business School for this Executive Education course combining revolutionary research with 25 years’ field experience helping leaders across thousands of organizations in 75 countries organically drive their companies to success.


In these unique times, more than ever, a disciplined approach to using existing resources in surprising ways is a skillset that can determine whether a company will come out stronger (or at all), in the COVID aftermath. Through this course you will:

Learn how to create an inventory of your resources, without overlooking those that one would normally miss due to cognitive biases

Develop a mindset, and learn a specific working tool, for identifying how an asset meant for one purpose can becomes a resource for another

Gain confidence in your new skillset, having practiced both on a real use case and on a topic of your own

Create a support system through your cohort peers and your personal expert mentor

Overcome the tendency to tackle tough problems through “compromise and optimize”, as you learn a new strategy to solve seeming contradictions

Participants from previous cohorts had this to say:

About SIT

SIT – Systematic Inventive Thinking is a premier global innovation consultancy headquartered in Tel Aviv. Over 25 years and 75 countries, our clients report more than $25B of YOY value generated from our work. Our research-based method, delivered by our world-class experts, helps leaders design their innovation strategies and deploy them across their organizations to ensure that innovation is consistently used as a tool to achieve their business goals and surpass their targets.

Where We Teach​

Where We Teach​

Syllabus & Schedule

We know you are busy, so we will keep this short and flexible. Your investment will be 10 HOURS within a time span of 10 DAYS.  

All sessions are remote. Half of this time you will schedule at your own convenience.

module 1

Our course support staff will reach out to you to: 

  • Provide you with additional details about the course and your cohort
  • Invite you to ask any questions that you may still have about the course or to find a solution for a specific challenge that you may have regarding your participation in one of the modules
  • Schedule a quick “tech check” to connect you to the system; just to make sure that you don’t have trouble joining to ensure that the first module can begin on-time without having to wait for any colleague who may be experiencing technical difficulties

module 2

  • Defining “innovation”
  • Why is a systematic and disciplined approach important?  Isn’t creativity all about chaos?
  • Three principles of Systematic Inventive Thinking and how they combine to make sure that you are using existing resources to find breakthrough solutions
  • Cognitive fixedness: how it blinds us to solutions that were there all along and how do we overcome it

module 3

  • Thinking inside the box: The Closed World condition and why it leads to more successful and impactful innovative solutions
  • Learn to define (and design) your Closed World
  • Introduction to a systematic tool for generating new ideas and solutions from your Closed World

module 4

  • Q&A from the self-paced learning
  • From thinking tool to work process: the Function Follows Form Flow (FFFF)
  • Use case: practice using the tool to find new solutions
  • Prepare your own business topic for our personal mentoring session

module 5

  • Identify your relevant business topic or challenge
  • Apply the thinking tools you have learned to generate ideas, insights and questions
  • Prepare for your one-on-one mentoring meeting

module 6

  • With an expert, work through a topic from your business life, using the skills that you have acquired to this point
  • Discuss your upcoming steps

module 7

  • Uncover the hidden assumptions behind the problem
  • Overcome business contradictions without compromise; rather than optimizing the tradeoff, learn to resolve the contradiction to achieve an ideal solution to the business or technical challenge
  • How and where to find opportunities to use your new skills back at work

module 8

  • Feedback and recommendations
  • Use your new skillset to tackle your business challenges
  • Let’s keep in touch. We are always happy to stay connected and add people to our innovation communities.


Prof. Jacob Goldenberg

Prof. Jacob Goldenberg splits his time as Professor of Marketing at Columbia Business School in New York and at the Arison School of Business Administration at the Inter-Disciplinary Center in Hertzelia. Prof. Goldenberg received his Ph.D. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in a joint program of the School of Business Administration and Racach Institute of Physics. His research focuses on creativity, diffusion of innovation, complexity in market dynamics and social networks effects. He is an Academic Trustee of the Marketing Science Institute.
Jacob was the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Research in Marketing and now is an area editor for Journal of Marketing Research and Journal of Marketing and serves on the editorial board of Marketing Science. He has published papers in the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, JPSP, Management Science, Marketing Science, Nature Physics, and Science.
In addition, he is the author of two books by Cambridge University Press and one by Simon & Schuster. His scientific work had been covered by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, BBC News, and International Herald Tribune.

Yael Manor

Yael specializes in creating large scale innovation programs for multinational organizations. Her corporate training programs, into which she weaves the needed company architecture to support innovation, has won internationally-recognized awards for effectiveness. One of the keys to her programs’ success rate is the correct balance – in design and delivery – between remote and onsite sessions; group dynamics and individual tasks; and customized vs generic support materials. Yael’s experience with innovation spans two decades. She started with SIT methodology in 2002, took a short hiatus to learn and then practice law, and rejoined us in 2016. After passing the bar, worked at top-tier Tel Aviv firms as a legal consultant for both public and private sectors. Her clients inevitably receive unanticipated value as she brings her strengths as “Renaissance Woman” to every opportunity. Yael holds an MBA (Cum Laude) majoring in Management and Business Psychology, an LLB, and a BA in Psychology.

Erez Tsalik

Erez is a sought-after keynote speaker, frequently invited to share his profound experience in innovation and creativity in conferences world-wide, including TEDx and TED India. You can also find him guest lecturing in graduate and undergraduate programs on virtually any continent, from Columbia University, to London Business School, to Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Singapore Institute of Management, MET India, Tel Aviv University… Before joining SIT 15 years ago, Erez spent 10 years in the field of IT as Systems Manager and then CIO. In parallel, he works as an academic consultant with a rich background in education, specifically the development and production of educational workshops and seminars.

Most of our executive education courses are onsite intensive multi-day engagements delivered through universities or inside of corporations. Our pre-recorded online executive education courses also last several weeks. We created this impactful short-duration and small time-investment course for those leaders whose schedules don’t allow them to benefit from the more comprehensive programs.  It is just 10 hours over a span of 10 days. Without any travel time invested. Now that’s something any busy leader can do.


This is a 100% remotely delivered hybrid course. Keeping your hectic schedule in mind while ensuring that the learning remains dynamic and practical, we designed this course to combine different remote formats – online group sessions with your cohort peers, offline reading and work on your own, self-paced learning through pre-recorded videos, and a one-on-one mentoring session with one of our experts.

Senior executives and other leaders within large or small organizations…Well, basically, anyone who would normally participate in one of our executive education courses at Columbia University, but who cannot for whatever business or personal constraint. If you’re not sure that it is meant for you, just ask us. It’s important to us that you have a meaningful learning experience, so we’ll be brutally honest.

I guess it depends what you know about the SIT approach already and how comfortable you are applying what you know. Why don’t we hop on a call and discuss? Shoot us an email and we’ll coordinate a quick call.

Three group session are held live, so please make sure you have your computer or smartphone connected to Wi-Fi, your microphone and camera on. From time to time we will suggest that you make a note to yourself, make a list, capture a thought, an idea, a question…so it would be convenient to have some paper and a pen nearby (your device will be in use so this low-tech solution may be useful).

Definitely. It’s always helpful having others around you who “speak your language”. Learning a skillset together will help you to apply ittogether afterwards with greater impact. If you want several colleagues to participate, we customize this course and bring it to you in-house, making it as relevant as possible to your team.   

English will be the primary language, but our team will be happy to support you in your one-on-one mentoring and with further reading materials in English, Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, or Portuguese.

We know that sometimes things come up, and we need to change plans. We’ll work with you to get you back on track and up to speed with the rest of the cohort. If you know in advance, it will be even easier to find a simple solution. In general, the sooner you let us know, the easier it will be for us both.

Because half of the learning is live, including engagement with your cohort peers, it is important to keep the group size both large enough and small enough for excellent group dynamics.  So, if you need to cancel your participation in the cohort for any reason at all 14 days or more before the first live session, we will refund 100% of your payment. If it’s less than 14 days before, we’ll do our best to find a replacement for your seat so that we can provide a refund. Otherwise, you might just need to send someone else from your company to replace you and we’ll discount your participation in an upcoming cohort.

Absolutely. Upon completing the course, you will receive your certificate via email. The format will allow you to download it as a PDF and upload it to LinkedIn to share with the world!

Honestly, we don’t know. If the upcoming dates don’t work for you or if the course is already full, send us an email and we’ll add you to our mailing list to let you know the next time the course opens. The more people on the list; the sooner the next cohort will open.

We don’t want money to be the reason why you won’t be able to acquire this critical skill. COVID has impacted us all and our organizations; we are not blind to that. In the “message” section of your registration form below, just write to us that you would like to discuss the price. We are convinced that we will find a solution that works for both you and us.

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 $1,200 per participant 

Discounts available for multiple participants from the same organization.

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