Qualitative Change

What is Qualitative Change?

The Qualitative Change (QC) principle states that, when solving a problem, one should strive to transform elements that either create or aggravate the problem, neutralizing them or even converting them to become instrumental to the problem’s solution. The QC principle focuses one’s thinking process on changing the correlation/relationship between a harmful element (cause) and a phenomenon (its effect) that should be eliminated (the “undesired phenomenon”).


• The QC principle leads away from trivial solutions, where the harmful cause is simply eliminated, and promotes surprising and inventive, yet practical solutions.

• With the QC principle, the problem itself, or one of its components, often becomes the solution and as such leads to better utilization of existing resources.

• Solutions that follow the QC principle are often considered “ideal” in the sense that they only appear if and when the problem occurs.

• QC solutions go beyond the standard “optimization” approach to problem-solving.

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