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Latest Posts from our Innovation Inside blog:

How Effective is Design Thinking as an Innovation Methodology?

A few years ago, I had the chance to take part in a Design Thinking workshop. The first impression: the room was a mix between an atelier and a day-care facility for children. My initial thought: This is going to be fun! Our task was simple – we split into groups of...

This Month’s Innovative Idea: Teleportation

I don’t know about you but hearing Captain Kirk (from Star Trek) utter “Beam me up, Scotty!” has always filled me with wonder. What would it be like to have the ability to teleport? Imagine being able to say goodbye to long airport lines, delayed flights and cramped...

How to Embrace Failure Without Falling on Your Face

Many years ago, I presented what I considered to be a very cool project to an extremely smart VP of Marketing in a large B2C company on the East Coast of the US. Fortunately, she shared my enthusiasm, and the process of engaging us for the project was running along...

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