Our diverse 5-layer innovation toolkit provides a full offering to answer all your innovation needs, allowing your entire organization to innovate in what you do.

  • Thinking Tools help you break mental fixedness and arrive at innovative solutions and strategies in a reliable and repeatable way;
  • Principles allow you to apply the tools with precision, ensuring that everyone’s time is used efficiently and that ideas are implementable and impactful.
  • Expert facilitation of diverse multifunctional teams makes optimal use of everyone’s perspectives, competencies and fields of expertise to explore new directions, and then nurture, develop and implement them.
  • Project Management provides guidelines and techniques that help ensure that innovation is properly managed, just like any other business process, in your organization.
  • Organizational Innovation encompasses activities and processes designed to build a culture and practice of sustainable innovation throughout the organization.

Thinking Tools

At the heart of SIT’s method is one crucial idea: that inventive solutions share common patterns. Focusing not on what makes inventive solutions different, but on what, if anything, they might have in common, led to the development of the five Thinking Tools that form its core.


The tools can only work if they are used properly, and in order for this to happen, the tools are accompanied by several principles which allow you to use the tools optimally and reap the benefits.

  • Function Follows Form
  • Path of Most Resistance
  • Closed World
  • Cognitive Fixedness
  • Virtual Product
  • Existing Situation

Facilitation Skills

Since most SIT programs are conducted not for individuals, but for teams of participants, a range of facilitation skills are needed to complement the content. Some of these are the sort of skills any good facilitator would need, but many are specific to the setting of an SIT innovation workshop.

  • Reflection
  • Idea Collection
  • Practice
  • Meta-Cognition
  • Bingo vs. Judo
  • Documentation
  • Puzzles, examples, stories…

Project Management

This level leads you in the direction of smooth implementation processes for the newly developed ideas. The ability to come up with new ideas is crucial for the process of innovation. However, new ideas are merely the first step in a rigorous process of managing true innovation, since few are the ideas that make it all the way through to the end of the process.

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