Our Clients

Over the past twenty five years, SIT has worked with over 1400 companies, working closely with organisations of every shape and size, ranging from small, family-owned businesses to global industry leaders.

Our broad services appeal to a diverse range of clientele from a wide span of industry sectors, from individuals and entrepreneurs to governmental public entities and multinational corporations.

The sample below is just a selection of some of our clients, demonstrating the variety of businesses and industries in which we work. Contact us for further details and references. Read our case studies and testimonials to find out what our clients have to say about us.

Companies are on the list only if they:

have really worked with us (not just heard a presentation or sent a couple of people to our courses);

have worked with us more than once;

Some of What Our Clients Say About Us:

I was impressed by the quality of the ideas that came out of the process.  Working within constraints as opposed to the “all limits off” philosophy we had been exposed to previously served as a reality check and introduced us to a robust way of approaching innovation.

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