Digital Transformation

SITD is what we call our Digital Transformation practice. This offering combines our unique methodology, SIT – Systematic Inventive Thinking®, our extensive experience helping companies and organizations to transform themselves to achieve their goals, our broad familiarity with technology as it is applied to diverse fields, and our digital-specific knowledge and partnerships.

Digital Transformation is first and foremost a transformative process, a rare opportunity to refresh and renew the way an organization operates, thanks to the enabling power of digital technologies.

This opportunity can be realized to its full extent through a two-way approach:

Transform yourself and search for the digital technologies that will enable the change;

Utilize the unique abilities of novel technologies to inspire and support transformative change.

This is the expertise of SITD: supporting you as you harness Digital Technologies to achieve true Transformation

How does it work?

Our team will help you define:

Which areas of your business do you wish to transform?

Which aspects of these areas will be digitally transformed?

Which digital technologies and relevant skills do you have, and which do you need?

The extent of the mindset shift required to achieve transformation.

We will consult, facilitate, and train you through a process which will be jointly co-designed, engaging technology experts as needed.

What can you expect?

A series of clear deliverables, depending on identified needs, such as:

Concepts and action plans for making your current offerings more digital (creating a “Digital Bridge”)

Concepts and action plans for a “digital pipeline” of new and valuable offerings

Teams upskilled in the field of innovation and digital transformation – and how they fit together

A digital-transformation-mindset making its way throughout your organization



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