Build a Practice and Culture of Innovation

When you say you would like your company to be more innovative and build a culture of innovation, we take this to mean the following:

You are looking for concrete, measurable impact, sustainable over time;

You expect all your people – in varying degrees – to experience a shift in the way they think, enhancing their capabilities to think differently;

You intend these novel thoughts to translate into actions, that lead to implementation, and transform into tangible results;

You aim for innovation not just in product development, but in all your company’s activities, where relevant;

You see your company in 2-3 years with a visible and palpable change of culture;

You are aiming to create a vibrant community of internal innovators, learning from each other, and open to learn from their ecosystem;

You want to walk the innovation talk.

At SIT, we guarantee that these goals are attainable. You can build a practice and culture of innovation.

The requirement on your part is a fully committed management team, willing to lead by example, and to invest the required time, money and resources.

What you can expect from us is:

Using SIT’s “ Seven Elements” model, we will analyze your current status, and support the organization in all aspects of the transformative process: exploration, ideation, implementation, change management, communication; and in all areas of application: product development, processes, marketing, productivity, finance, HR, manufacturing.

A comprehensive plan of action, co-created, and therefore perfectly customized to your organization’s needs, while drawing on our 25 years of experience in the field of building a culture of innovation;

A dedicated team of experienced professionals, confident in their capabilities, but totally open to listen to your inputs and feedback, adapting the plan and its execution as we go along;

An open and transparent attitude of sharing all we know, and making sure that the knowledge is transferred and put to use;

Full commitment to agreed-upon results, with patience and perseverance when the going gets tough (if true change is to be achieved, it sometimes will);

Talk to us about our experience in helping transform hundreds of organizations in your country and dozens of others, in a wide variety of industries and categories. Read more about our method.

The Seven Elements Model

Based on SIT’s rich experience, this model captures all the elements you need to consider and work on in order to transform the innovation capabilities of your organization. The elements serve as a guide for analysis and diagnostics of your current state, and as a structure around which to define the action plan to achieve a future desired state. The Seven Elements are:

1. Skills
2. Behaviors
3. Processes
4. Resources
5. Governance
6. Communications
7. Immediate results

For each of the Elements, we will ask you questions and guide you to an action plan, and these intertwined plans will jointly define an overall roadmap to achieve a culture and practice of innovation throughout your organization.



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