Scouting Programs

SIT’s Scouting arm is a tailored business process to out-of-Israel parties, which enables global players to adopt Israeli technologies and solutions for their business and strategic challenges.

 SIT with the support of a wide network of leading experts can scout for relevant companies/technologies based on a
tight interaction with the client and our wide Israeli network. For clients looking at investing in Israel hi-tech, meetings with the SIT network of VCs, crowd funding platforms, accelerators, incubators, and other start-up hubs is an effective way to decide on investment and co-investments strategies. These meetings will typically include also presentations from relevant start-ups out of the hosting party’s portfolio and can include discussions of eventual follow-up co-investments in these start-ups.

The ultimate goal is for our client to reach business objectives with low time and energy investment. Our scouting team excels at understanding the client’s needs and quickly fine-tuning them based on the feedback received during the first interaction.

 We begin with a thorough assessment of needs and the innovation strategy, followed by an interactive process of screening and selecting only relevant candidates, even in areas not on your radar yet.

 With our scouting and innovation experts, we co-create a roadmap that will ensure that the integration of solutions and implementation process will match the organizations’ identity, and accelerate the innovation maturity of the corporate.

SIT is Israeli-based and globally operated company that helps to bridge methodological and cultural gaps. We use our accumulated experience of 23 years in corporate innovation, and we facilitate the entire experience in a structured and concrete way.


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