SIT helps organizations innovate to achieve their strategic goals.

Our definition of innovation is “thinking and acting differently in an effective way,” which implies that innovation is not something that you do, but rather that it is the means to achieve your goals. At SIT, the question is not what kind of innovation you should do. Rather, it’s: What are your tasks and challenges? And, what do you want to achieve? In 22 years of experience, these are some of the most common challenges we are helping organizations work with:

Core Offerings:

Build a Practice & Culture of Innovation

When you say you would like your company to be more innovative, we take this to mean the following...

Innovation Training

We can create a custom-made training program to fit you and your organization's needs

Enhance Productivity

Maintaining a competitive edge through efficiency and productivity.

Solve (your toughest) Problems

Novel ways to think about problems of any type

Develop New Products

Invent novel but viable products and services.

innovative services - refresh marketing

Refresh Marketing

Rethink your communication with all targets through a multitude of touchpoints and services

SIT’s Units Also Offer:

Generate Social Good

Working with a wide range of organizations to promote social goals by developing effective innovative solutions to challenging social issues.

Immerse in the Israeli Innovation Ecosystem

Gain exposure to Israeli start-ups and innovation through training and unique collaborations.

Learn Innovation Anywhere

Innovation for everyone, anywhere, always. Learn more about our services.

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