Solve (your toughest) Problems

What you can expect:

  • Come up with novel ways of thinking about the problem
  • Extend your search strategy to new more efficient solution spaces
  • Generate highly productive solutions for the most undesirable aspects of a problem
  • define an effective solution strategy
  • Create an implementable action plan to solution

SIT’s Problem Solving (PS) approach is used to tackle problems in a wide range of areas, including technological and technical problems in high-tech and low-tech industries, marketing and strategy challenges, HR, social issues, and process inefficiencies.

SIT’s PS methodology starts out by helping you redefine and map the problem, focusing on those aspects that cause most pain and damage. In SIT, we do not look for “Root Causes” but define a “Chain of Undesirable Phenomena”, which opens a variety of angles and points of entry for solving the problem. Then, SIT tools are used to break participants’ understanding of the problematic situation, and thus overcome their “mental fixedness”, leading to a variety of novel solution options. From these, the team selects and defines a strategy for solving the problem, and creates an Action Plan.

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