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"Unlike most new product development methods, Systematic Inventive Thinking starts with an existing product and its characteristics rather than customers and their unmet needs."

Finding Your Innovation Sweet Spot
Harvard Business Review


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About Us


SIT helps organizations stay on top by developing a culture and practice of innovation. Change is supported in the long-term.

At the core of our work is the idea that all innovations share common patterns. Based on these patterns, we have designed a structured method called Innovating Inside the Box.

Innovating Inside the Box applies a series of creative constraints that lead you to think and act differently. This is a learnable, repeatable practice. And it makes you the producer of results that are both inventive and practical. 


Together we:


  1. Identify key areas and topics where you need change, then apply the method to achieve results.


  2. Practice certain skills and behaviors that help you think and act differently, in an effective way.


  3. Co-design structures and mechanisms that will help innovation become consistent, systematic and reliable.