Ben Zvi Fikler

Business Development Associate

And also (or more importantly):

  • Private Pilot
  • Scuba and Free-Diver
  • Hiker

Business Development Associate

Ben is a Business Development Associate, passionate about ensuring that innovation, in general, and the SIT methodology, in particular, remain critical lynchpins in the Israeli ecosystem. Ben’s diverse background and fascination to explore markets, opportunities, ideas, and technologies paired with his uncanny ability to connect people and build meaningful relationships make him well-suited for the business development role.

Prior to joining SIT, Ben gained dabbled in real estate and aviation, resulting in his American Private Pilot License and his very own US-based real estate business.

Ben is now completing his degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship at Reichman University, where he is a valued member of the Honors Program at the School of Entrepreneurship.

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