Attribute Value Mapping

What is Attribute Value Mapping (AVM)?

AVM is a tool for exploring the universe of potential values around a given product, service or innovation – based on its set of attributes. Since organizations tend to focus more on attributes (“our car has an ABS system”), than on values (“your child will be protected”), Attribute Value Mapping is extremely useful in fostering a value-conscious mindset.

Attribute Value Mapping Terminology:

Attribute (“What?”) – An attribute describes a feature or component of a product, service or innovation. Attributes are objective facts that describe how a product looks, what it is made of, what it does, etc.

Example: “The car is made from high-strength fiberglass.” The subject of an attribute statement is always the product.

Value (“So what?”) – A value represents the associated benefit of an attribute from the point of view of the target audience. Values are subjective and reflect a functional, emotional or psychological need or pain-point.

Example: “Your children will be safe.” The subject of a value statement is the person with whom you are communicating.

Attributes serve as the “reason to believe” of a value.

Key Applications of Attribute Value Mapping:

  • Branding & Marketing Communications – Create powerful attribute value mapping value propositions by uncovering consumer insights and benefit-led messaging.
  • Product Commercialization – Uncover hidden value and customer needs in existing products.
  • Innovation – Identify gaps to be dealt with during new product development.
  • Sales – Sharpen the sales pitch.
attribute value mapping AVM volvo example
attribute value mapping AVM volvo example

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