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Innovation propels companies forward. It’s an unlimited source of new growth and can give businesses a distinct competitive advantage. Learn how to innovate at your own business using Systematic Inventive Thinking, a method based on five techniques that allow you to innovate on demand. In this course, author and business school professor Drew Boyd shares the techniques he’s taught Fortune 500 companies to innovate new services and products. Drew provides real-world examples of innovation in practice and suggests places to find your own opportunities to innovate.

In the bonus chapter, Drew shares insights from his own career and answers tough questions on resistance to innovation, innovation and leadership, and the difference between generating vs. executing innovative ideas.
Topics include:
•    What is innovation?
•    Understanding the myths about creativity and barriers to innovation
•    Understanding the characteristics of innovative products and services
•    Using the five techniques of Systematic Inventive Thinking
•    Creating new services and processes at work
•    Running innovation workshops
•    Involving customers in innovation
•    Mastering innovative thinking