The Innovate! Inside the Box app for iPad facilitates the use of Systematic Inventive Thinking. It explains each of the five techniques and allows users to generate creative ideas and innovations on demand.
To Use the App:
Go to How to Use the App on the Homepage to read about Systematic Inventive Thinking.
You can review how each technique works by going to Learn a Technique.
Then, go to My Innospace and look at the sample project, Refrigerator, under Current Projects. Review the Ideas List for examples of ideas generated with each technique.
You may recognize some of these from this course.
App4Go to New Innospace and create a new project. Enter the Name of product or service you want to innovate. Enter a Description of the project and hit Enter.
Next, enter the Components and Attributes of the product or service.
Select one of the five techniques to apply to the new project. You can select a technique, or select the “I’m Feeling Lucky” option.
Then step through the two buttons shown here to read each of the Virtual Products that the app creates. Use Function Follows Form to identify potential innovations. Capture new ideas discovered.
App7Enter a name of the idea. Enter a description of the idea. List the benefits. Add notes if needed, then hit Done
You can share your ideas via email, Facebook, or Twitter.
Of course, it’s always a good idea to backup your projects by going to the More link.
The innovate app is a great way to help you stay organized when you’re applying Systematic Inventive Thinking.