Launchpad (, a product design, development, and collaborative resource hub, wants your ideas.  Founded in January 2013 as a fresh player in the consumer product development industry, Launchpad partners with people whose ideas – from kitchen gadgets to software apps – need help to move along.

“We’re living in a thrilling era of entrepreneurialism, one lit bulbbut even those great ideas that have capital backing don’t have resources like product design, legal support, office space, patent protection or marketing guidance to grow their idea from hatchling to swan. We do, and this is why Launchpad is an essential partner for inventors and startups,” says Launchpad CEO, Ian Boccaccio.

Unlike a venture capital firm that provides only cash resources in exchange for a stake in the startup company, Launchpad brings together years of success and expertise across an array of backgrounds including engineering, software development, capital markets, finance, tax, law, business, media, and logistics which allows them to shepherd a good idea through the entire development process, and take it to market.

“Basically, if you have a good idea, we’ll figure out how to make it, scale it, and sell it,” says Ian Boccaccio; “Venture capital firms invest cash for an equity stake in the potential enterprise, but cash will not buy a sound business plan, nor the guidance or appropriate resources to execute on it.   Launchpad engages throughout the endeavor, from prototype to IPO, shepherding entrepreneurs through a process that only experience can bring.   Launchpad supplies its clients with not only this invaluable experience, but the resources to act effectively on this experience.”
Ryan Zdanis, Executive Vice President and Partner at Launchpad  believes a partnership model in which Launchpad provides ongoing business resources to organizations results in a win/win situation resulting in no out-of-pocket expense for the client. This arrangement incentivizes both parties to grow the business collectively toward the same goal.
“It’s a true partnership. In comparison to an accelerator charging up-front fees or for services or investing cash like a VC, the Launchpad model fosters collaboration for maximum effectiveness and ultimate success,” says Ryan Zdanis.
A key figure on the Launchpad team is Michael Newman, a design and development engineer with multi-industry experience.  Michael Newman brings prototyping, development, and manufacturing knowledge from industries ranging from consumer audio to automotive, and has experience in creating specialized designs utilizing many prototyping methods especially with 3D printers.
“Design is critical. Through this process you will understand a lot about how your product could fail, or even where small modifications can reduce cost, increase reliability and overall, improve the product,” says Michael Newman.
Currently, Launchpad is reviewing the numerous ideas that have already begun to flood the organization, with the intent to bring select entrepreneurs onto the Launchpad platform.
“Our model really resonates with people. Already we have started to gain industry recognition, and have attracted a significant pipeline of prospective partners of all sizes, from start-up mode to multimillion dollar companies,” says Ryan Zdanis.
Launchpad also welcomes individual idea submissions.
“Our mission is to help turn your idea into a business model where there is profit opportunity for both of us.   Calling all entrepreneurs: we want anyone with a great idea for a useful product to visit our website,” says Ryan Zdanis.
Anyone who submits an idea is protected by Launchpad’s Non-Disclosure Agreement which states that all ideas are treated as confidential, and will not be shared outside of the firm, or used for Launchpad’s own gain.
“No one in the marketplace does what we do. No other firm provides the wealth of resources that Launchpad can provide, or will accelerate your progress quicker than we will,” says Ryan Zdanis.