Cross Organizational Training

What does it mean?

Empower your employees to be innovative on demand by providing a proven innovation toolset and the support for using innovation to achieve results.

Innovation is the “how” and not the “what”.  SIT offers your employees tools to think and act in a different and useful way, making work processes more efficient. Whether you’re working in management, marketing, R&D, finance, or HR – everyone should be part of the innovation process. The tools help you work efficiently.


Our Training Philosophy

  • SIT’s training programs combine theory and practice;
  • The training programs are led by professional facilitators and are conducted as interactive workshops (as opposed to passively listening to lectures);
  • We use practical individual and team exercises, designed to give you results from day one;
  • We maintain deep respect for trainees’ existing knowledge and expertise;
  • Participants practice on a mix of generic cases as well as “live” organizational topics and work issues;
  • Our trainings help to convert innovation from a declared value to a day-to-day practice;
  • The main criterion for success is participants’ application of their learnings to real life tasks after the training.

Methods and Didactics

  • Wide variety of highly interactive exercises
  • Work in plenary, pairs, teams
  • Printed materials and handbook
  • Case Studies
  • Didactic videos
  • Riddles and Puzzles
  • Reflection and meta-cognition
  • Networking exercises
  • Commitment and implementation plan

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