Privacy Policy

We, at SIT – Systematic Inventive Thinking Ltd. (henceforth: “The Company”) are zealous about protecting your privacy, and so, we hereby publish the measures that we use regarding the information that we gather, and that is given to us by website visitors. We undertake to fulfil this policy in all internet sites which we manage and operate (henceforth – “The Sites”).
The use of language addressed to one gender is used out of convenience and from considerations of composition only, but it is addressed to all genders.
During the use of the sites, information is automatically collected. Any information provided by you does not need to be provided. By law, there is no obligation for you to give it to us. However, if you choose not to provide certain types of information, it is possible that some of the services will not be available to you. For instance, when you want to contact us, the information you provide identifies you on an individual basis; that is, by your name, your address, your telephone number or your e-mail address. In any event, if your personal details are required to register for services on the sites (such as, for the purpose of sending updates and information) we ask you only for the information that is directly necessary.
Some of the information collected does not identify you, individually, and is not kept together with your details. This is statistical information that we accumulate. For example, the internet address (IP) from which you contacted us.
It is possible that the information that we request and collect during your surfing on our sites will inform about your surfing habits (including from where you are surfing), your preferences, information that you read, advertisements that you saw, offers that interested you and other fields in which you expressed interest while surfing. The data gathered will be saved by us, and it will be our responsibility to keep it secure. In our sites, we apply systems and procedures to secure information, which decrease the risk that your information will fall into the hands of someone who is not authorized. On the other hand, these means can not supply complete and absolute protection, and therefore, we cannot undertake that the information that will be saved by us will be hermetically and absolutely resistant to unauthorized access. By giving your information, you declare that you understand these risks.
The information gathered will only be used according to this privacy policy or according to the provisions of the law, in order to:

• Allow you to use the various services on our sites, including repairing breakdowns of services and sites.
• Improve and enrich the services and content offered on our sites.
• Change or cancel existing services and content.
• Adapt advertisements that are displayed upon visiting the sites, to topics that may be of interest to you.
• Send you information on updates and other information that we believe will interest you.
• Monitor and analyze statistical data.
• Act according to the provisions of the law, and the requirements of the legal authorities, or of third parties that will come to us, and with whom, we believe, in good faith, that, by law, we must cooperate.

The information that will serve the company, will be, in the main, statistical information, which is not personal information.
It is possible that we will send you, from time to time, information by e-mail regarding our publications, information in which you have shown an interest, or information and notices on matters which are considered of interest to you. Even, on occasion, marketing information. We will not send you any such notices unless you have given your explicit consent, and, of course, you can cancel your consent to receive such information, at any time, by notifying us, and we will cease to send it to you.
We will not pass on your personal details to third parties except for the following circumstances:

• Statistical information on user activity on our sites. Statistical information passed on will not identify you personally.
• In the event that a legal dispute between you and us, which will obligate disclosure of your details.
• If you conduct illegal activity on the sites.
• If a judicial order is received that instructs us to pass on your details, or information about you, to a third party.
• If we sell, or transfer in any other way whatsoever, the sites’ activity to any other corporation, or if we merge with another body, or with another site, as long as the party receiving information about you, will take upon itself, with regard to you, the provisions of this privacy policy.

On the sites, we use “cookies” for the purposes of their routine, correct operation, including for the purpose of gathering statistical information on the use of the site (for example, the location of the computer and the duration of time you stayed on the site), to verify your details, to adapt the site to your individual preferences and for the purposes of securing information. It is usually easier to surf on the site, when the “cookies” are saved on your computer, as that creates faster communications, and saves you the need to repeat keying your details for the sake of identifying yourself on the site. This is, of course, not legally compulsory and you have no obligation to act in this way.
Modern browsers contain the option of preventing the receipt of “cookies”, and it is your right to exercise this option. However, it is possible that blocking the “cookies” will hinder us in supplying you full services. If you do not know how to prevent the receipt of cookies, or how to delete them from your computer, check the help file.
If you have any questions, or require any clarification, regarding this policy and the information gathered, you are welcome to contact us directly.

To contact us on this matter, please contact or by fax no. +972-3-545-6000 or by regular mail to:
Tozeret Ha’aretz 16 St., Tel-Aviv, Israel 67891.

In any event of alterations being made to this policy, substantive changes in the provisions regarding the use of personal information that you have given, notification thereof will be published on the home page of our sites.

We hope that you enjoy your surfing on our sites, find it informative, and that you enjoy the efficient use of our sites.

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