How to Change the Industry Standard in Filters

Pall Corporation is a global leader in hi-tech filtration, separation, and purification. They manufacture industry-leading special connector tubes that allow for the safe and sterile transfer of liquids in the Biopharmaceutical market.

When Dr. Pall, the innovative founder of the company, retired in 2012, the newly hired CTO called in SIT to help the company retain its innovative edge. Despite Pall Life Science’s dominance in the fluid connector market, they wanted to look for a new solution that would improve their product and increase their market share.

Since most changes made to the manufacturing line require a great deal of effort and funding, this was no easy task.  Nevertheless, Pall Life Sciences chose to utilize innovative techniques and bring its already successful product to the next level. They accomplished this by making the product more intuitive, less expensive, and more accurate.


  • Delicate operation in sterile environment.
  • Complexity of male-female fluid connectors.


Following a new product development project, which included ideation, rapid prototyping, and convergence workshops, Pall developed the groundbreaking Kleenpak® Presto Sterile Connector.

The advantages of this new line are:

  1. “Genderless” connector parts that simplified manufacturing.
  2. A more intuitive connection process that used two fewer steps than the original connector. Also did not require training for operators and greatly increased accuracy.
  3. Audiovisual “click” that ensured the operator is aware that a secure and sterile connection has occurred.

In a relatively short time, the Pall team revolutionized the industry standard and cemented their dominance in the fluid connector market.

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