Havi Logistics

Innovation Logistics

HAVI is one of Asia Pacific’s largest logistics companies. They faced a frustrating challenge: the company never knew exactly when delivery trucks would arrive at their warehouses. Often, there were unexpected busy periods at their warehouses, which meant that drivers would spend extra time waiting for workers to load their trucks. HAVI needed to find a way to make their loading process more efficient during these busy periods.

HAVI considered various solutions, such as extending the warehouse to add docking space for the trucks, hiring a temporary workforce during busy periods, or opening a better rest lounge for the drivers. However, none of these solutions were cost-effective. Using SIT’s thinking tool, Task Unification, HAVI came up with a creative idea to improve their warehouse efficiency. They found an existing resource, the drivers, and gave them a new task, unloading. By incentivizing drivers to help unload the trucks, HAVI dramatically reduced unloading time, saved money by using the same workforce, and removed the bottleneck from their delivery process.

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