Nurit Shmilovitz-Vardi

SIT Online Academy Manager & Innovation Facilitator

And also (or more importantly):

  • Freckles Galore
  • Perpetual Context Switcher
  • Mother of Two

SIT Online Academy Manager & Innovation Facilitator

Nurit heads SIT’s Online Academy. Her role is perhaps one of the most ‘exploratory’ in SIT, covering diverse opportunities in a variety of worlds – social, technological and commercial.

Nurit has shown considerable versatility in both working choices and life patterns which may well demonstrate her innovative curiosity, flexibility and passion for the new. She worked as an investment manager in a private equity fund and as an international product manager in a pharmaceutical company. Nurit trained in Dentistry at Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem and worked as a dental surgeon for five years. She has several other notable accomplishments including compiling a database for a sociological study of women in the WWII and taking a 3-year training program in family and couples’ therapy in Tel Aviv University – which comes in handy with her two children.

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