Here is an opportunity to learn innovation from the same people who taught me.  The course is called Innovation Suite 2009, and will be held July 27-29, 2009 in Rochester, Minnesota.  For registration and more detailed information, please go to

Here are some excerpts about the course from the registration site:

Innovation Suite 2009 will help you successfully apply innovation to three critical levels in your company: individual, team, and organization-wide. Each day of this 3-day course focuses primarily on one level. We will take you step-by-step from the basic tools and principles of the SIT method through hands-on team innovation and company-wide sustainable processes.


Day 1 – Innovation part I: Use SIT to be more effective by thinking and acting differently. The first day is all about you and your work: improve your ability to act, think, react, and deliver, by using our tools and principles, while generating unique, efficient solutions for practically any situation. You will know how to apply the following to your tasks:

  • SIT’s principles and thinking tools for New Product Development
  • SIT’s approach to Problem Solving

Day 2– Innovation part II: Be an innovative manager by working innovatively with your team. The second day is all about you and your team, harnessing their knowledge and resources to meet your targets and raise the performance bar.  You will know how to run a local innovation process after you:

  • Learn how to identify needs and opportunities for innovation
  • Plan and lead a team-innovation session on your topic of choice

Day 3 – Sustainable innovation: How to make it work for your company. This day is about adapting the knowledge you have acquired in the first two days to your company’s strategy, structures and needs. You will learn how to further extend the innovation process and gain support on all management levels, from departmental execution to corporate level strategy.  You will know what is needed to make innovation a long-term, sustainable element of your area of responsibility:

  • How to measure innovation success
  • The necessary conditions for ensuring successful innovation processes
  • How to use existing organizational structures and resources to support the innovation process
  • How to foster innovation and motivate peers and subordinates in your area of responsibility.