New Course: Marketing Fundamentals on

I’m pleased to announce the release of my latest course, Marketing Fundamentals, at
“Whether you’re rebuilding your marketing program from the ground up or leading the first campaign of your career, this course will help you lay the foundation for a successful marketing endeavor. Drew Boyd is a professor and consultant with 30+ years of marketing experience for major brands. In this course, he explains marketing’s role in an organization; provides frameworks for analyzing a business, its customers, and its competitors; and shows how to develop a successful marketing strategy and use that strategy to inform everything from pricing to promotion.
You’ll also learn to address tactical challenges and present the plan to get buy-in throughout an organization, from the C-suite to the sales team, as well as use the marketing plan to guide outside agencies and vendors. Finally, you’ll learn how to launch the campaign and measure its performance.”
Topics include:

  •     Marketing in an organization
  •     Assembling the team
  •     Creating the marketing plan
  •     Analyzing your products, customers, and market
  •     Segmenting customers
  •     Creating a value proposition
  •     Developing a strategy
  •     Setting goals
  •     Setting prices
  •     Using social media
  •     Presenting your plan to leadership
  •     Budgeting your plan
  •     Measuring success

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