Bat Yam Municipality

Entrepreneurship in Education

The Municipality of Bat Yam, located just south of Tel Aviv, Israel, developed a reputation for pioneering innovative educational programs. They wanted to further their programs and provide practical educational help to young entrepreneurs to help them develop their visions. The Municipality acknowledges, however, that the road to a successful entrepreneurial community requires time, nurturing, and support. This is because entrepreneurship entails transforming a dream into a reality, often requiring a supportive mentor and more time and money than is available.

The municipality approached SIT to help them create a concrete entreprenurial program/center.

Together, SIT and Bat Yam launched the Center for Entrepreneurship in Education.  The center is made up of a community of 400+ entrepreneurs who meet socially and participate in both courses and one-on-one mentoring with SIT and center staff to help them realize their dreams. The Center recently launched an open innovation competition for new ventures, which received 300 entries. Through educational programs and activities for entrepreneurs, the Center seeks to make entrepreneurship a regular part of the daily educational experience.

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