Leasing Bolivar

Redesign the Leasing Process

Seguros Bolivar leases industrial vehicles and machinery to business customers.

SIT collaborated with Leasing Bolivar to redesign their leasing process and cut down customer wait time. Leasing Bolivar had used Six Sigma in the past to cut costs and improve their business model, however, the progress was slow and did not yield the desired results. Their leasing process previously lasted 44 days (two days less than the industry standard of 46 days). Leasing Bolivar worked with SIT to rearrange their process and eliminate some repetitive steps. After working with SIT, their process lasted either 2-3 days or 15 days, depending on the customer’s credit. Using SIT’s Function Follows Form model, Leasing Bolivar both revolutionized the customer experience in the industry and offered a unique market proposition—almost immediate delivery.

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