SIT helps Vitmark double their fresh fruit juice sales

With the help of SIT, Vitmark was able to increase sales by 200% while maintaining their loyal client base.

Tetra Pak, the world’s largest food packaging company and a long time customer of SIT, approached SIT on behalf of one of their clients, Vitmark. Vitmark’s “milking cow” product, OBFC juice, was the leading white-brand of juice in Ukraine’s JNSD (juice, nectar, and soft drink) market and enjoyed a strong base of nostalgic, loyal customers. However, when a multitude of “me too” products stormed the market and cut into their market share, Vitmark was faced with the strategic challenge of developing a new visual identity and market position without losing their brand essence.

SIT was engaged to lead Vitmark through this marketing crossroad, and helped them create a strategic brief that defined the essence of the brand and new market positioning. This rebranding process, which often takes years, was accelerated by involving important representatives from every level of the company, and took a total of three days. Following this partnership, Vitmark launched their brand with a new look and feel, which demonstrated the unique promise to the consumer of “A Mother’s Love”, strengthening the emotional bond between brand and consumer. This change in brand message as well as the introduction of new packaging led to a 200% increase in sales and the launch of multiple sub-brands, without alienating OBFC juice’s loyal consumer base.

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