Our Team

Allon Sasson

Innovation Facilitator

Allon is an experienced director of strategic planning, business development and technology innovation.

During a 20 years career in the office of the Prime Minister of Israel, Allon led cross-functional large scale teams of engineers, data scientists and intelligence analysts.

Allon is helping managers and startup companies identify opportunities and threats, define their strategy and plans accordingly and achieve their goals.

He loves life on the edge, where each day looks different from the day before, and uncertainty dominates.

His passion is using his experience to train and mentor young entrepreneurs, focusing on projects with educational value. Allon takes part in few initiatives aiming at transforming formal and informal education to better suit current and future challenges.

Amit Bentora

Account Manager

Amit is an Account Manager for SIT’s Israeli clients, where she puts her unparalleled listening-skills to excellent use, making sure each project is designed and executed to maximize value.

Her rich skillset, sharpened during her years of work in the Israeli tech sector as Project Manager in a ConTech startup and as NOC Manager for an algo-trading company, is an asset to all her SIT clients. Amit knows all about managing high profile projects with many moving parts, drawing on her experience and nerves of steel honed while she served as an Air Traffic Controller.

Amit holds a BA in Business and Entrepreneurship from the IDC with a focus in Intrapreneurship.

Amnon Levav

Co-Founder, CIO & Innovation Facilitator

Amnon is SIT’s Chief Innovation Officer (CIO). A co-founder of the company, Amnon was Managing Director of SIT for 22 years until he helped bring in a new and improved CEO. Amnon has personally facilitated hundreds of projects and workshops with companies worldwide and is a popular keynote speaker on the topic of innovation. As co-founder and co-developer of the method, Amnon is naturally an expert in all of SIT’s applications – Problem Solving, Marketing Communications, Product Development, and Strategy – and a designer and implementer of programs for organizational innovation, transforming companies from within. Amnon facilitates in four languages – Hebrew, English, Spanish and Portuguese – and can ask for a beer in several others.

Amnon leads SIT's expertise in social innovation and in what we call SIT Futures – creating new business models based on SIT's intellectual property.

Previously, Amnon was Editor in Chief of "Status – The Monthly for Management Thinking", and before that he spent six years studying Mathematics, Philosophy, Cognitive Psychology and Linguistics at the Hebrew University. Earlier, Amnon accumulated other useful experiences, working as a garage mechanic, construction worker, room-service waiter, and, most dear to his heart, as a social worker with juvenile delinquents, where he believes he learnt more about coaching and inspiring for high potential under rigorous conditions, than any professional training could have taught him.

Andrea Tellez

Office Admin SIT Colombia

Andrea joined the Colombia team in October 2011. Since then she has carried out different tasks including the maintenance in the office and the transportation of documents. Andrea has been developing her skills in various areas related to logistics and support.
She is a joyful person, always eager to learn and ready to help whenever she is needed. In the near future, Andrea will begin her training in computer skills, thus becoming great support for the team in a variety of tasks. Andrea will also take over the preparation of materials for our workshops and projects, and the coordination of hotels and ground transportation.

Mother of two children, Jurani and Nicolás, Andrea bestows her supportive and warm personality in her home and in the office.

  • Spanish

Avivit Rosinger

Innovation Facilitator

Avivit is a freelance facilitator with profound experience leading innovation projects in Strategy, New Product Development and Marcom. Her forte is leading senior management through complex, long-term strategic initiatives.

During her tenure as Head of Training, Avivit was instrumental in developing many innovations in our in-house facilitator training programs and pioneered the integration of industrial design into SIT's innovation projects.

Before joining SIT, Avivit was founder and CEO of a design house specializing in internet and multi-media. She holds a BA in Film Studies and Philosophy from Tel-Aviv University and has extensive experience in television and cinema. Besides work, she studies Anthroposophy and biographic consultancy, loves cooking, art and, of course, her three children.

Ben Zvi Fikler

Business Development Associate

Ben is a Business Development Associate, passionate about ensuring that innovation, in general, and the SIT methodology, in particular, remain critical lynchpins in the Israeli ecosystem. Ben’s diverse background and fascination to explore markets, opportunities, ideas, and technologies paired with his uncanny ability to connect people and build meaningful relationships make him well-suited for the business development role.

Prior to joining SIT, Ben gained dabbled in real estate and aviation, resulting in his American Private Pilot License and his very own US-based real estate business.

Ben is now completing his degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship at Reichman University, where he is a valued member of the Honors Program at the School of Entrepreneurship.

Dov Tibi

Innovation Facilitator

Dov has been practicing SIT since it was still in its research stages in the university. As a Systems Engineer, he has personally been involved in solving some of the toughest technical problems, the solutions for which we all take for granted nowadays.


With more than 40 years of experience in R&D and production of multi-disciplinary systems, he is no stranger to innovation.  Throughout his career, Dov led and facilitated technical problem-solving groups on the frontiers of technological advancement, always using innovative methodological tools (and creating some of his own along the way).


Dov is SIT’s go-to-guy for some of the toughest problems that our clients need solved. Much of his work is so confidential that we can’t even list the organizations (governments and corporations) that owe him their breakthroughs.


He gives his brain some rest as a long-distance runner & coach and while participating in a long list of extreme sports. But even his downtime includes solving logical riddles and playing chess.


Dov’s motto: Always use numbers, facts and humor.

  • English Hebrew

Erez Tsalik

Innovation Facilitator

Erez is a Senior Facilitator. He facilitates in all of SIT's applications – New Product Development, Marketing Communications/Advertising, Problem Solving and Innovative Strategy. He is also an SIT expert in Conflict Resolution and Co-Opetition applications.

He has conducted projects with scores of leading international clients including Disney, Airtel, Kraft, Siemens, Molex, OCBC, BP, HP, and Tnuva, and has a wealth of experience working in developing markets and with social and environmental organizations.

Erez is frequently invited as a keynote speaker to conferences around the world. He is a lead presenter in the area of creativity and innovation and lectures in leading academic institutes worldwide, including Columbia University, London Business School, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Tel Aviv University. At TED India (2009), Erez ran an innovation workshop as part of the TED University. In 2018, Erez delivered a TEDx Talk in Klagenfurt on "The Advantage of Thinking Inside the Box."

Erez has nearly 10 years of experience in the field of IT and Hi-Tech developments as a CIO and working in Systems Management. He has also worked as an academic consultant with a rich background in education, specifically the development and production of educational workshops and seminars.

Grant Harris

Innovation Facilitator

After leaving Cambridge University, Grant embarked upon a career in Advertising as a planner with Lowe and WCRS, and decided to follow his passion for ideas, people and creative problem solving by joining the SIT team. Naturally, Grant has handled many of the marketing communication projects and was privileged to work with many agency teams and marketers in the rapidly emerging markets of Eastern Europe, India, and Kazakhstan.

Marketing communications and branding often play a crucial role in innovation projects, so Grant’s expertise is well sought after. He has worked on innovation projects with organizations such as Bayer, Heinz, BP, Kraft, Grupo Bolivar, and Unilever – on such diverse challenges as asset utilization, new product development, manufacturing productivity, brand strategy, and business process innovation.

When he isn't at work or playing his Taylor guitar, Grant can be found with his traveling band of dancers, artists, and musicians – otherwise known as the Harris family. Grant has an MA Cantab in Oriental Studies from Cambridge University and is not planning on doing an MBA anytime soon.

Guzu Shalev

Innovation Facilitator

With 23 years working with the SIT methodology, Guzu is one of SIT's most senior and experienced facilitators.
Specializing in New Product Development, Problem Solving, MarCom and Strategy, Guzu has an impressive track record leading projects in the commercial field. He also works with government agencies, the military and non-profit organizations around the world. His clients include BP, Kraft, IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries), Ethicon Endo-Surgery – a Johnson & Johnson company, Comverse, Alcan, and many more.

In addition to his work with SIT, Guzu is a management consultant, experienced in coaching and team building, and in enhancing the quality of service processes in organizations.

Formerly, Guzu was on the consulting team of the Schwartz Program for Management Development at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and the former training director of The Yoseftal Institute.

Hila Pelles

CFO & Innovation Facilitator

As CFO at SIT, Hila is responsible for developing and maintaining the company's financial and operations management, including Business Intelligence and Pricing Models. She also acts as mentor to novice Facilitators, guiding them through their period of orientation and integration at SIT.

Hila specializes in Facilitating Hi-Tech and complex technologies. As a Senior Facilitator and Trainer in SIT's innovation method, she has personally led broad strategy development projects - with a focus on Productivity and Efficiency - for many well-known companies such as Johnson & Johnson, SanDisk, BMC. She spearheaded tactical New Product Development and Problem Solving projects with Emerson Electric, SAP, Checkpoint, Camtek, and Infineon.

Formerly CTO of Britannica.com Israel, Hila's expertise in software development and computer-based in education is considerable. She holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics Magna Cum Laude from Tel Aviv University. To round off her busy schedule, Hila also sings alto at her local choir.

Idit Biton

Innovation Facilitator

Joining SIT in its early years, Idit has been strongly involved in the company's growth, management and development into a global innovation company. She combines a passion for innovation with a deep understanding of the challenges facing organizations wanting to adapt their innovation culture. Idit previously served as SIT's Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer.

A talented and skillful facilitator able to lead clients to breakthrough results, Idit has worked on hundreds of innovation projects with leading multinational clients such as Bayer, Coca-Cola, SAP, Johnson & Johnson, Kodak, and Nestle, as well as in leading global advertising agencies (McCann-Erickson, BBDO, and others). Previously Managing Director of SIT Israel,  she was responsible for developing various specialties such as SIT Ventures, conflict resolution, and market research.

Idit teaches innovation at Bar-Ilan University School of Communication and is a guest lecturer and keynote speaker at Wharton, INSEAD, and international innovation conferences.

Idit has a Bachelors degree in Communications and Political Science, completed her Masters Studies in Mass Communications, and received a diploma in Journalism and Media. Idit's creativity also finds expression in the beautifully imaginative arts & crafts she produces in her home studio.

Iris Arbel

General Manager, Israel Operations

Iris Arbel has over 15 years of experience in managing innovation and developing innovation cultures in companies.  She has a Ph.D. from the Technion, one of the world's leading science and technology research universities. Her doctoral research focused on harnessing creativity within teams to foster innovation.

Over the last ten years, Iris has been a partner in setting up and managing the day-to-day of the Knowledge Centre for Innovation at the Technion, promoting innovation in the Israeli economy at the national level by consulting and influencing policy making.

For the past four years, she has served as a VP for Strategy and Innovation at Tadbik.

Most recently, Iris has developed tools and methods for promoting innovation in both social and business sectors by pioneering new entrepreneurship models.

Iris also serves as an academic advisor and lecturer for Entrepreneurship at 3 of Israel's top academic institutions: Tel Aviv University, the Technion, and the IDC.

  • Hebrew English

Irit Michailov

Account Manager

Irit is an Account Manager, responsible for providing end-to-end planning and delivery solutions for SIT’s Israel-based clients.

Irit brings to her work vast experience from her years in advertising: designing marketing plans, providing integrated media analysis, copywriting, and digital marketing, all while managing the accounts of some of Israel’s best-known brands.

Jaime Samhan Guzmán

Innovation Facilitator

​Jaime's main focus as a part of Colombia´s SIT team (freelance), is to accompany SIT´s clients in the project implementation phase, whilst continuing to further develop his facilitating skills.

Jaime has a BS in Mechanical Engineering , and a specialization in Technology Management , and education in project management according to PMI , he is an integral auditor in different management systems ; quality, environment, safety , occupational health, risk management , and information security.

Through his professional career he has developed expertise as Project Manager for technology transfer processes, the implementation of industrial manufacturing processes for new products, and processes improvement . As part of his role in R &D he promoted and was responsible for intellectual property protection. For many years he was Chief R & D Engineer at a great Colombian company.

Jaime ´s passion for continuous learning is evident in a variety of fields and technologies, such as : finance, organizational management , weapons systems, optronics , nanomaterials, and biotechnology, and particularly in languages he has studied ten languages emphasizing in Spanish, English, French, Hebrew and Arabic, currently he is studying Portuguese.

Jaime is fascinated with innovation issues, nature, photography, and he owns a personal library that contains some unique books among them 50 dictionaries.

Karen Shemer

Innovation Facilitator

Karen is a senior innovation facilitator at SIT, with considerable expertise in designing, building and leading innovation programs and projects for organizations. She specializes in New Product Development, Creative Problem Solving (from end-to-end and concept to launch), and Marketing Communications. With  14 years of experience at SIT,  she has worked with companies of various sectors and sizes, such as Andersen Windows, Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé, Manfrotto, Bayer, the Council for Jewish Education in New York, AdvanSix, the municipalities of Kiryat Malachi and Petach Tikvah, the Israel Democracy Institute, among others.

For five years, Karen was the Director of Training at SIT. Throughout this time, she advanced the organization's capabilities in training both senior and novice employees in order to maximize their potential. She created, launched, and guided training for all the company’s facilitators and mentored them during all stages of their professional development.

Karen almost qualifies for the title of an ex-Bostonian. Prior to working at SIT, she graduated from Emerson College in Boston with a Master’s in Marketing Communication and shortly after joined a Boston start-up, where she managed the sales of a web-based lead-generation platform.

Liat Tavor

CRM & Accounting Support

Liat has a dual role at SIT - Business Intelligence, and Client Relations Manager. She assists Operations by extracting and analyzing business data. This ties with her overseeing and improvement of the CRM system. She is also responsible for supporting users of the system. Prior to joining SIT, Liat managed alliances and marketing for several years as a CMO assistant and obtained a BA in Social Sciences from Tel Aviv University.

Lior Porat

International Team Associate

Lior is an Associate in SIT’s international team, supporting Innovation Experts in various engagements around the world. Her work highlights data exploration and development of knowledge, extracting new insights and learnings to benefit projects’ results.

Prior to joining SIT, Lior fed her passion for helping build others’ skillsets by working with underprivileged youth and collaborating on a strategic project for a leading insurance sector company.

Alongside her work at SIT, Lior is working towards her MA in Organizational Psychology.

Marguerite Mcleod-Fleming

Innovation Facilitator

Marguerite Mcleod-Fleming is an experienced Leadership, Sales and Innovative Thinking Strategist.  She is a specialist in the helping organizations come up with breakthrough results using Systematic Inventive Thinking and Design Thinking methodologies.  She works with organizations to create new value using evidence-based creative problem-solving and innovation methodologies – utilized by thousands of companies around the world.  Marguerite also helps organizations realize new value in their businesses and build team fidelity using techniques and tools such as LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and HUMANGRID® Innovation Assessments.

Marguerite is the founder and Managing Partner of Innovation Culture Group a boutique consulting firm focused on helping organizations approach their business with a fresh thinking to drive product, service and product efficiencies.   Marguerite received her MBA from the Schulich School of Business in 2001, where her studies spanned the fields of strategic management and organization development. Her work in the area of creative and inventive thinking is driving the conversation of how to create a systematically proven creative process in any organization.

Marguerite lives in Toronto and is the proud mother of two boys.

Mariela Ruiz Moreno

COO SIT Colombia

As COO, SIT Colombia, Mariela Ruiz Moreno is enterprising, focused on the fulfilment of goals and objectives, resourceful with a great spirit for investigation, sense of ownership and good interpersonal relationships.

Mariela is skilled at solving obstacles, loves life, the moon and most of all her family. Her work is mainly focused within the administrative and financial area in SIT Colombia SAS.

She loves going to the movies, either alone or with company. Mariela's idea of perfect relaxation at home is watching romantic and science fiction films. She is married to Luis Alberto. Lina, Angie and Zara are her beautiful daughters.

Mario A. Ramírez H.

Co-Director SIT Colombia & Innovation Facilitator

Mario is a well-seasoned, challenge-driven communications professional, with an entrepreneurial spirit and strong expertise as a business consultant on strategic communications, branding, design, creativity and innovation. As such, he has had the chance of working for the private and public sectors, as well as for international and non-profit organizations.

His particular set of skills and knowledge has allowed him to lead teams in strategic planning processes, effectively solving problems, reaching agreements and putting things into action through creativity, co-creation and convergence.

He is fully committed to his greatest passion: peeking into the interstices of human curiosity and creativity to help crack them and to make innovation accessible and useful for as many people as possible. In doing so, he has been welcomed to the orange side of the force and has vowed to follow and protect the path that leads from innovation padawan to SIT Lord.

May Amiel

Innovation Facilitator

​May is Founder and Director of SIT4, SIT's Social Enterprise arm. As such, she works closely with Fourth Sector organizations – large and small – to help them innovate ways to deliver even greater benefit for social causes, while acting in a business-like profitable fashion.

​May's meteoric rise through the SIT organization began in 2006 when she joined the SIT team as International Coordinator, supporting projects conducted overseas and ensuring that all runs smoothly. In 2007, she already assumed the role of Business Development for the USA, SIT's largest market. After two years in that role, and until founding SIT4 in 2012, May led the development of all of SIT's business in Israel, the company's home market. Throughout her journey across the company, she has always drawn on her administrative skills, becoming the go-to person for seamlessly organizing SIT's largest scale activities.

​In parallel, May facilitates projects with some of SIT's most strategic clients, including HP, Amdocs, and Poalim Bank. Her close work with The Marker, one of Israel's most popular business publications, has contributed greatly to the development and awareness of the SIT brand.

​May holds a B.A. in Political Science from Tel Aviv University and is currently studying at Israel's Social Business School. Before joining SIT she worked at a leading Israeli marketing firm.

Michel Assayag

Head of Scouting & Innovation Facilitator

Michel has filled a multitude of Senior management roles in large corporates like Scitex, Motorola, Digital, Intel, ECI etc… as well as a the management of a start-up company (TeraCross) where he built up his experience with the smaller size, higher risk management challenges.

Over 35 years of experience in Silicon, SW, System and IT projects, including multidisciplinary and Global teams management. Michel’s previous positions were Intel Israel and India Computing manager followed by the position of Head of ECI Telecom R&D, where he managed a 1,100 employees global organization with design centers in Israel, India, US and China. Michel's last position at Intel was manager of the Cognitive Computing Team, with focus on conversational speech understanding. He was a Coach with TIM (Technion Institute of Management) and consulted as a mentor to senior managers in Technology companies.

He is an active member of the Brooks-Keret start-ups panel and on the advisory board of several start-ups Michel is now Head of Scouting and Innovation facilitator at SIT - Systematic Inventive Thinking

Nadav Anker

Innovation Facilitator

Nadav is a strategic leader with 20 years’ experience in Production Management, Operational Excellence, Innovation and Change Management in key roles within the manufacturing sector (local and global). He is well recognized for executing plans in complex matrix global organizations, while building high-performing engaged teams.
Nadav is a people-oriented executive with an impressive resume in leading strategic roadmaps, impactful transformations, re-organization processes and cross-functional teams.
Nadav is a creative thinker, passionate about creating impact on the mindsets, courses of action and activities of organizations. His approach is unique, holistic, and result driven.

Nadav holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering and an MBA with specialization in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and High-Tech Management, both from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Nicole Asor

Account Manager

Nicole is an Account Manager in SIT’s International team. As such, she supports our Innovation Experts as they work with our clients around the world, while serving as Project Manager for many of these engagements.

Additionally, she helps to build strategy for client acquisition and retention, proud of her unique behind-the-scenes contribution to nearly every program that we design for our clients.

Alongside her work at SIT, Nicole is in her home-stretch toward completing her degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Management. As part of her final year of studies, she was chosen to take part in an exclusive program where she helps to promote innovation processes using research-based tools.

Nurit Cohen

Innovation Facilitator

Nurit is a Senior Facilitator at SIT. She is in charge of SIT’s long-term innovation initiatives and projects with Unilever, Nestle, Heinz, Makhteshim Agan Group and other market-leading clients. Nurit has rich experience working with a variety of different clients across diverse nationalities, sectors, managerial levels and industries including food, financial services, agro-chemicals and media.

​Prior to her current role, Nurit served as SIT’s European Innovation Manager based in Zurich and has led many major company-wide innovation projects in the area of New Product Development, Marcom and Organizational and Sales Processes with multinationals such as Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly Clark, Bayer, Pearson Publishing, and many others.

​Nurit has also contributed considerably to the development of innovative and entrepreneurial cultures in the banking and financial sectors with which she is personally familiar from her work as an economic analyst at the Central Bank of Israel, prior to joining SIT. Along with her professional work, Nurit has also been engaged in ongoing academic activity. She researched creativity with Prof. Jacob Goldenberg, co-pioneer of the SIT approach, at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and trained students and teachers in the application of creative tools in many academic and business frameworks.

Nurit Shmilovitz-Vardi

Innovation Facilitator

As a senior facilitator, Nurit leverages her interpersonal skills, business savviness, and scientific background, together with her years of experience as a facilitator at SIT to most effectively engage and work with her clients to achieve their desired goals and business targets.

Nurit is accomplished in all of SIT’s applications, including New Product/Service/Process Development, Organizational Innovation, Digital Transformation, Strategy, Business Model Development, and MarCom. Nurit’s key clients include Bayer, 3M, Playtika, Rogers Corporation, BASF, as well as countless work with municipalities, NGOs, and healthcare organizations.

When not traveling the world facilitating projects, Nurit promotes SIT’s Online Academy, which she helped to establish. She continues to develop the flagship online courses to address the needs of different audiences across geographies and industries.

Nurit’s rich and varied background highlights her insatiable curiosity, flexibility, and passion for the new. Prior to joining SIT, she worked as a dentist for five years, in the pharma industry as an international product manager, in a private equity fund, and studied couples’ therapy. When not traveling for work, Nurit enjoys spending time with her husband and two children and caring for her rooftop full of plants.

Ofer El-Gad

Innovation Facilitator

​Ofer has been a key team player in the execution and development of SIT's innovation programs over an immense variety of industries and technologies. Ofer's unique blend of expertise in Engineering, IT and Software - coupled with his strong communication skills - contributes considerably to the success of our programs.

​Ofer's experience covers the full panoply of client issues: problem solving, new product and service development, advertising, marcom, management, and strategic planning. His facilitation has led to the development of many successful solutions, products and patents. His clients include major industrial manufacturers and hi-tech companies, including: Comverse, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, BASF, Kraft and Shell.

​Since qualifying in Industrial Engineering (MSc. and BSc., magnum cum laude from Tel Aviv University), Ofer has been a senior lecturer on the faculty of Industrial Engineering in Tel Aviv University. He is in demand as a lecturer in conflict management and on courses to improve the quality of college teaching.

​Ofer also acts as an external consultant to major companies in the field of information technology, developing software applications and solutions. He has worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Mirs, Tadiran, Israel Air Industries and Microsoft Israel, among others.

Or llan

Innovation Facilitator

Or Ilan has been with SIT for more than a decade. He recently returned home to Israel after several years on relocation at our office in Bogota, Colombia from where he traveled extensively across Latin America helping large and small organizations build a sustainable culture of innovation.

A senior SIT expert, Or uses his fluency in English, Spanish, and Hebrew to consult, train, and facilitate multicultural and diverse groups. Or has worked across a range of industries, helping our clients innovate new products, processes, and entire strategies. When appropriate, he works with teams to also develop creative and impactful marketing communications and to solve some of their toughest problems.

Or is also an experienced public speaker, bringing his particular brand of humor and insight to audiences on many different topics. One of his favorite topics is "creative solutions for global environmental challenges".

For Or, his work is also a mission in helping people expand their consciousness and understanding of the world. He believes that assisting people to be able to think freely about themselves and life is an important prerequisite for creativity to flourish. This is one of the reasons why Or is passionate about teaching SIT because of the way it can affect every aspect of a person’s life, even outside of their business self.

Before joining SIT, Or was Vice President and Director of Development at "Ladaat", an organizational consulting firm. His academic studies include a B.A. in Philosophy (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and an M.A in Organizational Consulting (University of Bar Ilan), graduating both with honors. In his spare time, Or is a yoga and meditation disciple as well as a philosophy enthusiast; he is currently mentoring some brave individuals in their spiritual evolution.

Orly Seagull

Innovation Facilitator

Orly has facilitated a wide range of innovation and communication projects in the banking, beverage, mobile and industrial sectors, working with brands such as Beeline, Carlsberg, Coca-Cola, and Davivienda. She also has undertaken innovation initiatives with leading international advertising networks like McCann, Leo Burnett, Y&R, Publicis, GREY, Lowe, and Saatchi & Saatchi.

Prior to joining SIT, she was a senior strategic planner for BBDO and McCann, and she lectures on Advertising Creativity at several leading universities including the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She is an aspiring novelist, with fluency in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Hebrew. She holds an M.Sc in Organizational Psychology from LSE, London.

Ricardo Pupkin C.

Managing Director SIT Chile

Ricardo is the Managing Director of SIT in Chile. He is passionate about helping, as a facilitator and consultant, in the transformation and development of organizations and companies through innovation.

In his more than 20 years of experience, he has developed executive positions in ABB, a leading multinational in automation technologies, and in BCI, one of Chile's leading banks. He is the founder of Implementa Group, an agency for studies and services to support the implementation of development and innovation projects.

Ricardo studied Industrial Engineer at the University of Chile and completed his postgraduate studies as a Master in Innovation Management at the Adolfo Ibañez University.

In his chilhood he lived in Australia, now in Chile and for family reasons he frequently visits Argentina. During his studies at the university, he was Volunteer of the Fireman Department, which gave him an unique experience of teamwork, crisis management and creativity.

He is member of the executive committee of a well-known social aid NGO, he is the father of 3 daughters and he does everything possible to be constant in the practice of his sport, swimming.


Rotem Lipziger

Studio Manager

Rotem leads SIT’s in-house graphic design team – working both on branding client projects and preparing materials for facilitation and marketing. Rotem designs in various media, including presentations, print materials, websites, and digital tools both off and online. Rotem has a Bachelor of Design (B.Des) from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.  with specialization in Branding design, Marketing and Web Design.


Shelly Barazani

Financial & Accounting Transactions Manager

Shelly is in charge of maintaining financial and accounting transactions at SIT. She describes her work on the SIT team as extremely refreshing – it's the first time in her professional career that she has branched out to the non-financial sector. Following the completion of her professional qualifications in financial and accounting management, her financial career to date has been exclusively with investment houses and accounting consultancies.

Shelly likes to go to the theatre, works out fairly regularly, and is always on the lookout for a new craft or hobby to take up or try her hand at. She is also a busy Mom to four kids – all boys.

Tal Har-Lev Eidelman

Innovation Facilitator

As an innovation facilitator, Tal sees no obvious limits on where innovation can be applied. Tal is a senior facilitator for a variety of corporate clients and NGOs, among them HP, Bayer, Bank Leumi, and various municipalities. Since joining SIT, she has designed and helped implement go-to-market-now development projects as well as long-term innovation programs. She mentors, guides, and strategizes with her clients. Her dedication begins with the early planning phases and continues full blast through execution and staying on as part of the advisory board after implementation.

She is a faculty member at Sapir College in Israel and guest lectures at NYU and Harvard University.

Prior to her role at SIT, she was a prosecutor for the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office and has represented Israel at national level competitions in both judo and shooting.

Tamar Chelouche

Innovation Facilitator

​Tamar is an Innovation Facilitator at SIT and the previous VP of Global Innovation for SIT China. She helps companies gain value through innovation and deliver ongoing support to clients from the process of identifying needs through to designing and embedding novel innovation solutions. Tamar has partnered with global market leaders such as Bayer, Campbell’s, Coca-Cola, Pearson and Mars, and her primary focus is to help embed a culture and practice of innovation across a broad range of organizations from multi-nationals to medium-sized companies and SME's.

Tamar leads and facilitates innovation projects with major clients globally. She is an expert in New Product Development, Marketing, Marketing Communications, Advertising and Organizational Innovation processes. Her motivation is to inspire individuals to reach new and inventive perspectives and to improve their performance. She holds a B.A. in Sociology and Management from Tel Aviv University and an M.A. in European Communications Studies from the University of Amsterdam. Prior to joining the SIT Team, Tamar held senior posts with several major communication agencies.

Udi Yerushalmi


Udi brings a depth of professional experience as a manager, advisor, reformer, and promoter of corporate social responsibility from his work in both the public and private business sectors, in public broadcasting, global investment, and banking during periods of major organizational and technological challenges.

As Chief of Staff and Deputy CEO of Israel’s premier and most successful Radio Station (GLZ/GLGLZ) with some 300 staff, he guided the stations through a major period of change over five and half years, managing the complete range of corporate, financial, strategic and organizational functions, introducing entrepreneurial and innovative approaches to ensure increased growth and profitability of the station.  With overall responsibility for the operation of the station, Udi headed up strategic planning and policies, marketing and sales, financial legal and regulatory affairs, organizational restructuring, and introduced strategic partnerships and joint ventures. During his time there, Udi launched six new successful digital radio stations and several new digital platforms.

Prior to this, Udi served as Advisor to the Chairman of the IBA (Israel Broadcasting Authority), where he was instrumental in successfully promoting important public legislation governing the IBA, reforming sales strategy, managing big scale contracts, and realizing dormant company assets.

Working in the private sector beforehand, Udi served as Marketing Manager for the Arison Group, a major global investment banking firm, and as an Advisor to a board member in the field banking and real estate. During this time, he took charge of the group’s marketing, advertising and branding programs, establishing new-media platforms and initiating partnerships across the branding sector. Within the realm of corporate social responsibility, Udi also lead the strategy of “Good Deeds Day” – a highly acclaimed manifestation of corporate social responsibility and served as a donation committee member for one of Israel’s biggest philanthropic foundations.

Udi studied Political and Social Sciences in Tel Aviv and is a graduate of the Maoz Program for public and social entrepreneurship and professional leadership.

He is fluent in English and Hebrew and open-minded about the multiple challenges of working with SIT affiliates and clients wherever they are located worldwide.


Yael Shor

Executive Assistant & Office Manager

​Yael is the first smiling face you'll see when you walk into SIT. Located at the strategic heart of the office – between the coffee and fax machines – she is the mastermind of SIT's administration as well as its informal "Quality of Life" director. It's in the reception area, that many of SIT’s momentous team and family events are celebrated – births, marriages and holidays and where team members are boisterously welcomed back from faraway places and adventures.

​With a rare combination of Swiss precision and Israeli determination, Yael works tirelessly to ensure our international operation runs smoothly and that our clients receive the right response at the right time.

​Prior to joining SIT, Yael was a Quality of Life team member at Intel and production assistant with a local film company. She's a proud mother of two young girls and is married to a rock drummer who moonlights during the day in a hi-tech company.

Yoav Mimran

Innovation Facilitator

Yoav has been a lead facilitator and senior trainer with SIT from the start. He has made a considerable contribution to the development of our global initiatives, leading innovation projects for industry leaders including: Johnson & Johnson, Shell, Bayer and Nestle.

​He brings deep insight from his parallel work in the field of cross-cultural media and communication. He is a Research Fellow and lecturer at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya, and author of specialized articles in this field.

​Yoav has an uncanny ability to provide valuable insights to organizations with which he comes in contact. This special skill is partially explained by his varied professional background and cultural interests: he has a B.Sc. in Earth Sciences – Geology and MBAs in Marketing and Business Entrepreneurship (both from The Hebrew University, Jerusalem). ​Yoav also acts as a business development consultant to start-up companies at the crucial go/no-go stage. He has a keen eye for separating out ideas most capable of reaching a successful outcome. Yoav has a disarming and warm personal approach. This is highly effective when combined his professional experience – he is able to quickly decipher ambiguous information and turn it into valuable knowledge for companies in real time, a true asset for SIT and our clients.

Yoni Stern

Partner & SVP Business Development

Yoni is a Partner at SIT and SVP Business Development. Since 2001, he has pioneered the strategic development of the SIT approach with multinationals helping them achieve breakthrough results while developing an organizational culture of innovation. He combines a profound academic knowledge of the SIT methodology with a deep insight into how innovation can help to solve corporate issues and problems.

As a senior consultant and facilitator of the SIT method, he has worked virtually everywhere with scores of companies including AXA, Disney, GE, Johnson & Johnson, Intel, Kraft Foods, and Procter & Gamble.

Yoni is a keynote speaker at conferences (ISPIM – International Society for Professional Innovation Managers; PEX – Process Excellence Network; PDMA – Product Development and Management Association). He is also faculty at Columbia University Business School, teaching "Innovate on Demand" and "Design Your Innovation Blueprint" Executive Education courses while guest lecturing at institutions around the world (Harvard's iLab, London Business School, and IDC).

Yoni has published articles on the application of the SIT method for Biotech, Business Chemistry, Food & Beverages, Paper and Adhesives, and Multi-Cultural Creativity. He holds a B.A. Magna Cum Laude in Psychology and Sociology from Yeshiva University in New York, where he grew up, and an M.A. Magna Cum Laude in Social-Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Bar Ilan University in Israel, where he now lives.

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